Link Support

Connect your technology with JKS Technologies as your partner


Link Support’s array of solutions provide clients with the infrastructure needed to connect multiple locations utilizing wireless technologies. From short range line-of-sight (LOS) to long range no-line-of-sight (NLOS) relays, Link Support can accommodate. JKS Technologies has deployed numerous CPEs and Access Points in a variety of configurations over a range of terrains and obstacles; in each case, we look forward to understanding the client’s challenge and recommending a reasonable solution.

Link Support is built to deliver solutions for your communication obstacles


  • Point to Point/Multipoint link development
  • Fixed Wireless LTE and Broadband deployments
  • Tower Development
  • Long and Short-range designs
  • Licensed and Unlicensed links
  • Private WISP development
  • Feasibility analyses
Link Support deploys wireless designs and technologies that can scale according to your needs