Frequently asked questions

Below are a list of commonly asked questions regarding JKS Technologies’ services and business practices


  • Management, typically by an outside third-party, of an organization’s services and equipment related to computers, networks, or software, also known as outsourced Information Technology (IT).
  • Managed Service Providers like JKS Technologies are responsible for the safety, security, and reliability of your IT infrastructure and work on a fixed-fee basis. This changes the incentive from “finding problems” to “preventing problems”.
  • This business model also evens out the revenue stream for the MSP and fixes the IT budget for the client resulting in no ugly surprises from a billing standpoint.
  • Trust increases substantially since the MSP now has assumed shared risk with the client enabling what can truly be called a partnership. You can rest assured that any decision we make or advice we give is in both of our best interests because if something goes wrong, it is at our expense.

Any company looking to offload the responsibility of managing its daily IT operations would be a prime candidate to partner with a MSP. Even an organization with an established IT department would be able to take advantage of a Managed Service Provider. The sole purpose of a MSP is to relieve a company of its IT burdens, whether that be outsourcing the management of the entire IT environment or simply assuming responsibility of the daily recurring tasks that bog down an internal IT department from accomplishing greater goals.

JKS Technologies’ Ground Support plan includes:

  • Managed Service Providers offer 24/7/365 network monitoring of all of your IT infrastructure.
  • Helpdesk is provided to answer your questions and your staff’s questions.
  • 24/7/365 response for Server/Network Infrastructure emergencies.
  • Provide technical support-onsite.
  • Provide technical support-using remote connect tools.
  • Assist you with hardware and software acquisitions.
  • And much more!

At JKS Technologies, there is no flat fee that applies to all of our Managed Services clients. Instead, we customize a price that fits your company’s environment by taking into account the hardware, software, and number of users that you have on staff. From there, we are able to provide a cost that fits your company’s particular profile.

The hardware and labor costs towards projects that involve adding or changing parts of your existing network are not included in the Ground Support package. However, we do offer discounts on project costs with our Ground Support contracts.

We here at JKS do everything in our power to make sure that your transition between vendors goes smoothly and without issue. As a professional Managed Service Provider that has migrated a significant number of clients, our goal is to ensure your organization experiences as little interruption as possible in your service and business operations. We accomplish this by creating an action plan, called an onboarding plan, that establishes all of the key areas which need to be considered when taking on a new client.

Yes; in order to guarantee a successful transition and effective ongoing support, JKS requires a certain amount of preparation that usually includes a day at the client’s site. The cost of this preparation is determined on a case-by-case basis and is quoted out along with the Ground Support contract proposal.

  • Every Managed Service Provider will offer the same basic deliverables:
    • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring of critical systems (Servers, PCs, network).
    • Helpdesk (questions from you and your staff).
    • Windows Patch and Security Management.
    • Antivirus/antispyware/malware Monitoring.
    • Data Backup Monitoring.
    • Vendor liaison (work with your other hardware/software vendors).
    • Server, PC, and other Hardware repairs and maintenance.
    • Network Performance troubleshooting.
  • You will find that we are different from other similar firms:
    • We are an exceptional IT firm with exceptional employees.
    • We know that mastering the basics is a requirement for client satisfaction.
    • We have superior working relationships with our clients while acting as their trusted advisors on all things technology related.
    • We have an approach towards the standardization of a client computer network, that when followed, guarantees a problem free network.
    • We work on continuous alignment of our standards with your network.
    • Knowledgeable IT staff with a desire to help you and your staff.
    • We think like business people, not IT technicians thereby bringing business value, as well as IT value, to your company.
    • We focus on the security of your network in order to prevent data breaches.
    • We deliver what we promise; then we deliver more.
    • We make decisions based on YOUR needs, not ours, because we become your Chief Information Officer (CIO)

JKS Technologies does not outsource any of its staff.

Yes – JKS Technologies carries business liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and errors and omissions insurance.

If you are dissatisfied with JKS’s service within 6 months of coming on board, we’ll allow you to cancel your contract with no advanced notice required and no penalties.